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San Jose Kitchen Rentals

The SJKR  is open 24/7. It is a secure facility with cameras. Office hours vary. Please call us to make an appointment

for viewing.

  • You are welcome to use our office as your place of business to have your mail sent here.  
  •  Reservation form is required, prior to use of our kitchen.  Full Payment is due for all reservable hours for that month, at the beginning of the month, prior to using kitchen space that you have requested, or at the time of reservation request.
  • No pets allowed on premises under any condition.
  • No Smoking and Drinking of Alcoholic Beverages allowed on premises.
  • No children under the age of twelve (12) allowed in the kitchen area.  If you need to be assisted in your business by a child under the age of twelve, please get management approval prior to begin work.
  • Use of kitchen space - Upon completing the use of your kitchen space, please make sure you have cleaned up your work area as it was presented to you prior to use. You must bring your own cleaning supplies.  If a complaint comes from the next Vendor to use the kitchen (and the kitchen must be cleaned by our staff) you will be charged the cleaning fee of $100 per use.  
  • Work Area around dumpsters, and outside of building must be free of any fruit scraps, juice, food waste, paper, containers, clips anything related to your business, that you used during your rented space. 
  • Minimal Refrigeration and freezer space is available for your use during your rented time. 
  •  All foods must be securely covered to prevent odor from spreading to other foods.  Any foods left uncovered and releases odor, will be removed immediately.   
  • Cameras throughout our facility are for your protection.  Each camera will help prevent losses or damage to our equipments.  We will also track your time use in the kitchen. 
  • Storages are available for your use on a monthly base.  You are responsible for the cleanliness and condition of each unit. 
  • You are responsible for equipment in your possession.  If an equipment or appliance is damaged by negligence, you will be responsible for the repairs. 
  • If you choose to bring and store any of your large equipment please make sure a list of said equipment, along with a picture of equipment and serial number is given to management. 
  • Any violations or disregard for not following said rules will result on your termination of membership with SJKR,  immediately.
  • A complete set of rules packet will be given at the time of registration.

San Jose Kitchen Rentals
326 Commercial St
San Jose, CA 95112
408-816-7854 office

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